Here’s where you can order this week

Large spoon of hot food above serving dish

In each delivery week there will be two choices of hot meal and two choices of dessert. This will include a vegetarian option. Please note that due to logistics and budgets, it isn’t possible to adapt the menu for specific requests.

Next service date

Our next service date is Tuesday 7 June.
As you know, we’re all volunteers here and we’ve been very busy making both Chesham/Amersham service and the High Wycombe pilot work. So, we’ve taken the difficult decision to pause our services till 7 June so we can take time to rest.
In addition, many of our volunteers are away so it’s going to be difficult to cook and deliver food as usual. We’re really sorry that we’ll be unable to help but please rest assured – we’ll be back on Tuesday 7 June.

Please remember, we need to receive your order by midday on the specified date on the order form each week. This means it can be added to the delivery schedule for the following week.

How do I order?

You need to register with us first. If you haven’t already, please check our ‘Can we help you’ page before applying.

Once we’ve checked a few things with you, you’ll be on our register and you can order a meal.