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What people say about us

I still remember my first delivery …
I was greeted by an elderly lady who remained behind her glass door, mouthing ‘thank you’, and sending a virtual hug.
I felt quite emotional as I returned to my car, but knew that this one hot meal had made a real difference to that lady.
Paula Soldini, volunteer
I was nominated for the Big Community Takeaway by Nigel Brand. This was during the first lockdown.
I am in my 80s and was isolating and classed as vulnerable. It was indeed a lifeline at that time as it was impossible to get a delivery slot, I no longer drive, was, and still am, waiting for a knee replacement.
Pat Kent, client
The Community Takeaway is a great project that works well because it’s based on good organisation principles and careful logistical planning, which is why it runs smoothly and provides assistance to so many residents.
Jane MacBean, BCC Councillor (Chesham), partner
Our partnership with the wonderfully servant-hearted Big Community Takeaway scheme has been a real joy. We’ve loved seeing our client friends surprised and blessed by the practical generosity of others. So many have expressed great appreciation, for the super freshly cooked meal, but as much for the fact that they’ve not been forgotten. 
Nigel Gordon, Chesham Christians Against Poverty, partner